Fall Sports Recap

Macy Christal and Christian Branch

Girls Volleyball


Girls Volleyball was on a roll this season. Since starting on Aug. 7, the girls were non-stop competitive. “This year’s Varsity team had a fantastic season,” coach Jason Donnelly said. “The girls competed at a high level all year long and continued to improve as a group until the very end.”

The team’s effort is reflected through their overall record of 16-4. The girls went undefeated in league, just recently beating Bishop Diego for the Frontier League title.

As the team advanced to the CIF playoffs, the girls began to work even harder at practice in order to get as far as they could. Captain Macy Christal said, “We structured our practices around playoffs. More intense and more focused, our team stepped it up.”

After winning the first round of CIF, the girls geared up to beat Mary Star By the Sea in the second round. Unfortunately, the team was unable to pull a win out, but their season was still a success and will hold history for the school.


Boys Football

The Owls football team’s disappointing 0-6 record was not a reflection on the progress and improvement they made throughout the year. Players endured the challenge of learning the game and playing it the right way.

Senior captain Vincent Vestergard describes the team as “fast learners.” He also said, “This year was a rebuilding year. We have been working hard so that in the future years, the program will continue to get better.”

Coach Shane Lopes made it clear to the team that just because you wear a football jersey, does not mean you are a football player. That was a motto for the boys this year, as many first year players found themselves earning the title of a “football player” under the leadership of captains Brian McClintock, Vincent Vestergaard and Christian Branch.

Looking forward to a strong offseason with the returning players, the Owl’s football program can only go up.


Girls Tennis

The Girls Tennis team has been killing it overall this season. They are apart of the Frontier League and have been almost undefeated. They lost a game to Santa Ynez early in the season, but have been becoming stronger throughout every practice.

“JV and Varsity have been kind of one big team this year. We are able to incorporate some of the JV girls into the Varsity games, so it has been really nice to get to know the younger players. We have all been very supportive of each other and everyone has brought a lot of energy to each game,” captain Nina Wolff said.

Moving into CIF playoffs, the team tried new drills into their practices to enhance their skills. Despite losing in the first round of CIF, the girls “continue[d] to bring their team spirit to every game and practice,” Nina said.

Co-Ed Cross Country

The Co-Ed Cross Country team is a powerhouse this year. With the biggest team they have had in over four years.

New coach, Martha, has been incorporating exercises and runs into training that have been both beneficial and fun. Runners can be found running all over Hope Ranch daily.

“We have kids from all grade levels, so it’s been really fun to get to know everyone. The season has been a great experience and an effective way to relieve stress from school and get a good workout,” said senior runner Julia Guglielmo.

Boys Sand Volleyball

With new members and a new coach, the Boys Sand Volleyball team has been building from the bottom as they learn the fundamentals.

Some of the boys have come directly from indoor season, so learning the ways of beach is very beneficial. The team has had a variety of wins and losses this season, their biggest accomplishment being their win against Santa Barbara High School.