Dear Potential Advertiser,

As you know, national advertisers like to target teens because they not only have money of their own to spend but also influence other purchases made in their families.

By advertising in The Fourth Estate, the school magazine of Laguna Blanca School, you will reach this age group through a medium that is published expressly by and for students.

In addition to getting your message directly to this desirable audience, you’ll help to support a worthwhile educational endeavor that not only reports news the student body needs and wants, but also trains staff members in the practices and standards of good journalism.

Because a school paper goes out in the community and is read by students, their families, alumni, and faculty members, your support of the school through advertising will also create good will toward your business and your company name.

Our rates are extremely reasonable, and we are ready to publish your prepared copy, or our advertising staff will design an ad especially to suit your message. Please consider the advantages of advertising in our school paper and the valuable contribution you’ll make by helping support the student press.

We ask you to please contact Amanda Skinner at [email protected] for further information. We hope we can welcome you as one of our advertisers.


Amanda Skinner, Director of Marketing