An Interview with Sulaiman Bah and Abdul Fatta Koroma

An Interview with Sulaiman Bah and Abdul Fatta Koroma

Caylin Zimmerman and Julia Fay

Sully and Fatta came to the U.S. through a soccer academy called the Craig Bellamy Foundation in Sierra Leone. is academy is for underprivileged boys and girls. It hopes to create a brighter future for the athletes through the sport. ousands of kids go to tryouts held by the academy in di erent places in Sierra Leone. Only about 15-25 kids are able to continue into the academy, at which point a few kids are selected based on their academic and athletic skills to get schooled in the U.S.. Here are a few questions we asked Sully and Fatta about their transition and new country of residence.

What are the main differences between Africa and America?

Sully: The food system, it is very different. The weather in Africa is very hot, so that is different too.

How are you liking America so far?

Fatta: It’s good. The most interesting thing is the people; every- body from America is so nice.
Sully: It’s good so far. School is fun, and American football is very fun.

What is your favorite American food?

Sully & Fatta: Burritos.
What places would you like to visit in the future?

Sully & Fatta: France and England.

What was life like growing up in Africa?

Fatta: It was difficult as a soccer player because we had to wake up very early to go to training. Also school was very far away. I had to walk two miles to get there.

How did your soccer academy work?

Fatta: Seven thousand soccer players originally came to the tryouts in order to get into the school. Sully and I were two of the 16 that were chosen.
Everyday we would wake up very early and go to two-hour morning training sessions. Then we would go to school, and after that, we would go back to training. Once that was over, we had a few hours to study.

How are the people here different than in Africa?

Sully: The people here are more friendly than in Africa, but it is harder to adapt to the people here.

Describe your favorite African food.

Sully & Fatta: Cassava sauce with rice.