Letter from the Editor – November

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to the first issue of The Fourth Estate 2011-2012. We begin our 17th year of publication eager to bring news to the Laguna Blanca community more effectively, creatively, and quickly than ever before.
With the launch of the fourthestate.net, we’ve met our goal of providing our readers with daily insight into life at Laguna Blanca School and the Santa Barbara community at large.
As we go to press this morning, I stand in awe of the students, administrators, faculty members, and families that comprise The Laguna Blanca community. This issue—our longest publication to date—is filled with stories of their achievements, contributions, and victories.
Alex Greer’s determination to complete a 215-mile hike in just 16 days (page 12), students’ successes in photography and art contests (pages 5 & 13), Mr. Tyler Hodges’ motivation to create the best possible learning community (page 4), the passion and leadership of club presidents (pages 1 & 4), and the collaboration and planning that went into making this year’s Jogathon a success (pages 1 & 20) are all reflective of   the outstanding talent and motivation that Laguna Blanca School fosters.
Seniors, on our class trip to El Capitan in September we discussed our class goals—these included a desire to bolster school spirit and make the academic year of 2011-2012 the best year yet.
Through the creation of this issue, I have realized that these are attainable goals, and we are already achieving them. We, as a school, have both individual success stories to celebrate and group achievements to applaud.
Let’s continue into the rest of the school year with the same enthusiasm and vivacious spirit that we have demonstrated thus far.
Here’s to a fantastic year!
Jess Davis