Binge-Worthy Netflix Series

geeks and freaks“Freaks and Geeks”: See James Franco, Jason Segel, Linda Cardellini and Busy Phillips as young high school juniors.
The freaks run McKinley high in 1980s set to some cool tunes. It is a short single-seasoner so it’s a good quick cultural investment.  
“Orange Is The New Black”: A show about an affluent middle class woman thrown into jail with interesting and diverse convicts.
Piper Chapman meets some very unusual ladies on the inside. While the show can be hilarious at times, it can also bring you to tears.

gossip girl“Gossip Girl”: This series is pretty much the same as “Pretty Little Liars,” except no one dies unless you count that one episode about Serena’s past. This is a racy show detailing the fabulous lives of Manhattan’s elite.
“Vampire Diaries”: Certainly a good one to cuddle up with during a break up or when you’re in need of some forbidden immortal love.
“Revenge”: This series, populated with beautiful and wealthy people, takes place in the Hamptons and centers on a rebellious lady who gets familial vengeance.
mad men
“Dexter”: This is a very solid show with a very disappointing ending. One word of caution, when you make the emotional investment to start this show, you WILL be very depressed for a few days because of the terrible ending and the sad fact that it’s over and there’s nothing you can do about it.
“Mad Men”: The show follows an advertising company in the 1960s. It features a heartless heartthrob protagonist, Don Draper, who competes in the advertising world of Madison Avenue.
70s show“That ‘70s Show”:” A family show featuring everything one needs to know about life. The last episode is a tear-jerker every time.
“It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”: Indisputably the best show on Netflix. The carefully crafted comedy of this series is art.
The series features the exploits of “The Gang,” a group of friends who gather at Paddy’s Pub, an Irish bar in South Philadelphia. The writers of this show should win Nobel prizes for the joy they bring to this world.

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