Athlete of the Issue

Sophomore Tyson Deveze, a vital player for the varsity volleyball team, talks about his personal and team goals for the season.


Jackson Baltes

Tyson Deveze goes up for a hit.

Eli Meisel, Staff member

In the midst of the spring season, second-year player Tyson Deveze has continued to exemplify excellence as a student-athlete competing as one of the stars on a star-studded volleyball team. Volleyball is one of Laguna’s top sports. Laguna regularly plays in one of the toughest divisions in the CIF Southern Section, facing large public schools in their playoff pursuits. Following an impressive 21-4 record, Tyson has been selected as the Athlete of the Issue because of the tremendous skill he illustrates in his own right and the regular enthusiasm and support he shows for his teammates.

Q: What are some areas in which your team as a whole can improve this season?

A: Our attacking is pretty good, but we can improve our serving. We have a couple of good servers, but we need to stay consistent as a unit.

Q: What techniques and skills may your team need to work on going forward?

A: Blocking, occasionally, we leave a seam in the block, and it makes it harder to defend. Closing the seams will make it easier to improve our game and improve our record in the future.

Q: Which opposing school do you look forward to playing the most and why?

A: We haven’t played Foothill Tech yet, and they are one of the better teams on our schedule this season.

Q: Who motivates you to continue to improve as a volleyball player?
A: My teammates motivate me because they always push me to do better. Whether it is school or club, if everyone is improving around me, it helps me work on my game.

Q: What is your favorite part of competing on the volleyball team?

A: Volleyball practice is my favorite part of the day, especially if I have a hard school day and can focus on something else. Four-on-four scrimmages are a lot of fun, as everyone gets to participate.

Q: What are your team goals for the upcoming years?

A: Win CIF! We continue to improve as a team every year and are looking forward to the opportunity to bring home another championship for Laguna.