The Winter Sports Report


Davis Ohanian and Eli Meisel





Robbie Dunn

Boys Soccer

Q: “After suffering a broken leg during your junior year soccer season, how have you bounced back?”

A: “It was tough, but I had

to continue to support my team, and am so grateful for the support I received from my fellow teammates and the faculty members, which allowed me to bounce back pretty well.” 

Q: “What is your pregame diet, and what songs do you listen to that hype you up?”

A: “My pregame snack is usually relatively light; I usually eat a protein bar and make sure to hydrate. I typically listen to rap music to really get into the right mindset for the game.” 

Q: “What is a memorable win or a tie that you’ve had so far?”

A: “Two ties that were huge for our team were against Thacher and Foothill Tech. We didn’t play great against Santa Clara, but we bounced back well from a slow start and secured the victory.” 



Carson Stewart

Boys Basketball

Q: “How has the team changed since you got a new coach this season?”

A: “Ever since we got a new coach, we have been able to pretty easily adapt to different schemes. Coach Sherman has been a great asset to this program, as he coached for many years at Dos Pueblos high school and even coached Mr. Lopes. I do think that we are in great hands”

Q: “How did your big win over Orcutt Academy affect your team chemistry?”

A: “I think that a lot clicked, and I would credit that to many practices over Thanksgiving. We really played selflessly and passed the ball around. This was a great team win that really advanced what we want to do as a program. We will continue to develop our schemes as a unit and attempt to perfect the processes that will lead us to victory. I believe that moving forward we will have a chance to get wins.”

Jacqueline Richardson

Girls Soccer 

Q: “What is your pregame routine?”

A: “On our game days I like to start off my morning with a healthy meal that will keep me energized throughout the day. Our team has made a great pregame tradition of listening to music and wearing matching blue ribbons to prewar in our hair.”

Q: “How would you assess your season so far?”

A: “For the season opener it was amazing to have a blowout win, but we couldn’t let it get to our team’s ego. Throughout the rest of the season, we want to keep the confidence up and come into the games with the mindset that we are going to be successful and do the best that we can throughout all of our games. 

Q: “Who has been an influential freshman on the team?”

A: “Lila has been an influential part of our team since the beginning of the season. Every day, she continues to improve and grow., she continues to improve and grow.