Yin and Yang of Instagram

Instagram became a life line to small business during the pandemic but acted to degrade teen’s mental health.

Dionne Peterson and Sofia Ramirez

Instagram, the app that has more than 1 billion downloads each month, 908 million users, 26% of the world using it, and 71% of the monthly active users on the app are under the age of 35.

With an appealing feed personalized for you, it’s almost like a sweet tooth: you constantly want more. 

Instagram has its advantages and disadvantages but has taken it to the extreme when it comes to teen girls who try to fit into the ‘perfect Instagram image.’ Some wonder if it is better to delete the app altogether. 

Instagram and parent company Facebook are facing condemnation on Capitol Hill and are being scrutinized by parents, the majority of whom have believed for some time that Instagram is a toxic platform. 

More worry began to spread as Facebook announced their new platform for a younger demographic: Instagram Kids. 

The production of the app halted as news broke about Facebook making a revelation about Instagram’s effect on teenagers. 

Photoshopped images featuring unrealistic standards can leave teens wanting to fit an intangible mold that the app shares with them, so it is no surprise that the app is under fire for negatively affecting teenagers’ mental health. 

Wanting to get to the bottom of this contentious topic, the Guardian conducted a survey to see what effect the social media app had on teenage girls. 

The survey involved more than 22,000 users across the countries of the United States, Japan, Brazil, Indonesia, Turkey, and India. 

Fewer than 150 girls responded to the body image question on the survey. Reaching out to admit how the social media app affects their view of themselves and their lives is something that many teens might find awkward. 

Although the popular app undoubtedly has its downsides, it also has benefits, especially for struggling businesses. 

During the thick of the pandemic, State Street looked barren and desolate, looking like a Western film with tumbleweeds gently rolling around in the wind. 

Small businesses were forced to close their doors due to COVID-19 restrictions while still paying high rents. The businesses that stayed open struggled to remain financially afloat and started to use Instagram to reach customers. People began finding businesses with strategies like hashtags, reels, and visually pleasing posts. 

Many small businesses were able to survive due to using Instagram for advertising. Like most apps, it has its disadvantages and drawbacks. 

In Chinese culture, there’s a symbol called Yin and Yang, which symbolizes that nothing is fully good or bad. 

Instagram is a platform where users can connect with people, advertise and grow businesses.

On the darker side, users can be negatively affected while trying