Take Care of Your Skin and Boost Your Confidence

We all need an extra boost to our confidence during these challenging times and taking care of your skin is a great place to start.

Elli Westmacott

Picture this: you’re looking in the mirror and instead of feeling overwhelmed by insecurities, you can ignore those negative thoughts and feel confident about yourself on the outside and inside. Unfortunately, for many teens, this is not a reality, and confidence is something that not many experience.  For most people, confidence seems relatively important. Studies have shown that students with higher confidence have better success rates than people with lower self-esteem.
When one feels most confident their skin, they are more motivated to do better in all areas from school to self-care. Ways to keep motivated include finding interest in skincare, and after a few late nights of browsing beauty blogs, many create a list of health items that they can’t live without.  It has been found that keeping up a wholesome skincare routine daily can help with the practice of building that self-esteem and a positive attitude that is so valuable.  Not only does having a fresh face help you maintain the health of your skin, but it can also boost motivation, confidence and drastically improve your mental health.  Establishing and sticking to a skincare routine can give you a sense of control. Anxiety is a big problem for teens and, for teens who have struggled with anxiety in the past, the feeling of becoming much more confident about yourself can greatly reduce the amounts of anxiety you have to overcome, especially about surface-level insecurities.  Choosing simple routines are a good way to establish creative outlets in order to feel more centered and build confidence in your abilities.  Sometimes, all teens need are the right products and some consistency and they will be glowing, physically and mentally in no time.  Check out a few of the recommended brands from friends that have produced satisfying results and improved their view of themselves, including the brands Glossier, Acure and Mario Badescu.

Glossier Super Bounce
“I love Glossier! I love the brand! Their products are made with lots of natural ingredients and from my experience, they have a positive effect on the health of your skin. ”

– Romy Davies, ‘23 Santa Barbara High School





Acure Seriously
Smoothing Day Cream
“I hadn’t heard of this brand until a few months ago, and after trying just a few of their products, I’m impressed. I have very sensitive skin and I personally love Acure’s Seriously Smoothing Day Cream because it brings moisture to my skin without causing my face to become oily. “All of their [Acure] products are organic, and I have sensitive skin so it is perfect.”

– Eva Davies ‘23 Laguna Blanca High School



Mario Badescu Drying Lotion
“Best thing in the world. I just use it for my face because the product is super thick and refreshing and I like to use it when my skin gets cracked or stiff because it instantly smooths my skin.”
– Gianna Stump, ‘23 Santa Barbara High School