The EAmpire Strikes Back: A Battlefront II Game Review

The EAmpire Strikes Back: A Battlefront II Game Review

Jacob Self, Writer

When Star Wars Battlefront II was first released by EA games a few years back, it was met with one of the most negative responses in the history of video games. The most downvoted comment in the history of the internet, new anti-gambling laws in the European Union, and a renewed internet-wide hatred of Electronic Arts are all attributable to the initial release version of Battlefront II.

This anger towards the game came from a general dissatisfaction with the small amount of content, the large amount of in-game purchases, and an even larger amount of game-breaking bugs and extremely long loading times. The hero selection was small, most of the hero characters were blocked, and in order to unlock every one of the few heroes in the game, it required an estimated 80 hours of gameplay.

In recent days, however, the game has seen itself undergo a total of 180. Several massive free game updates featuring new maps, heroes, reinforcements, and vehicles served to totally overhaul the nature of the game. Many bugs were removed, loading times were reduced, and game modes were added, all bringing a totally new level to the gameplay and content to the newest entries in the Battlefront series.

The game in its current state is both great and getting better. As it is now, it is absolutely worthy of its Triple-A price, title, and hype, and is absolutely worth a purchase. With top-tier content permeating the current game, and more content well on its way, Battlefront II is a game which has finally come around and now intents to stay around for the next couple of years, Dice and EA planning to maintain the game for several more years before even considering the development of a new Battlefront game.