Examples of Communities, and Activities to Partake in During the Coronavirus


Patrick Otte, Writer

The Coronavirus is a global problem bringing about a worldwide economic recession, and jeopardizing the health of hundreds of thousands. The Coronavirus has entered the Santa Barbara Community, and more people are contracting it by the day. Schools and businesses have shut down worldwide, and according to the Los Angeles Times, 18% of people have lost their jobs. Currently, the only way to combat the virus is to minimize contact between people. Many people are idle, gloomy, and restless at home. In these dark times, having a strong community of people, whatever that may be, is so important. Below are examples of several communities and activities that will improve the quality of life during these unfortunate times.  

Family is the most important. Everybody in one’s family knows each other best, and communicating with them is so important. If someone is going through a hard time, talking with family can help brighten someone’s day.  

In terms of importance, friends are just behind family. Being with friends is an informal way to communicate with one another, to have fun, and just to be yourself. Meeting over FaceTime, or some other mode of virtual communication to discuss, or gossip ‘what’s new’ in life keeps us sane. Evolutionarily, humans are pack animals; without people to talk to, we start going insane. People are stronger together. 

Being a part of a gaming community is a great way to socialize with people, and focus your energy on a game instead of reality. Gaming can be a temporary escape. There are so many video games and various gaming communities that accompany a game. Whether it be messing around with friends over Discord while playing Rocket League, playing League of Legends, World of Warcraft or even a single-player role-playing game with a good friend on facetime is a solid way to spend a quarantined day. 

Joining a reading group or talking about what one reads with friends is another way to cope with trying times. Reading groups are not so common anymore, but in these bleak times, sitting down and reading a book is a good idea. Reading makes one smarter, calmer, and increases their ability to focus. However, the most essential aspect of reading is the fact that you get to emphasize with people. “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. Someone who never reads only lives one.” – George R. R. Martin. 

It is easy to feel depressed during this dismal time. There are virtual support groups to aid people and remind them they are not alone. Social isolation is no joke. There are remote meditation groups for people to practice mindfulness and to remember to breathe. Always being cooped up inside makes humans more susceptible to overthink. You’d be surprised what a couple of deep breaths through your nose will do along with mantras of gratefulness. For example: despite what’s going on, I’m grateful I have a roof over my head, I can stand on two feet, and have a loving, supporting family by my side. Support groups where people used to meet in person will now be virtual. If you feel depressed during this time, I highly recommend you reach out to a support group. Your sanity and mental health are of utmost importance. 

Communities are so important during this Coronavirus crisis. Whether it be connecting with friends, family, gaming with friends, a support group, a mindfulness group, reading on one’s own are several ways to stay connected and busy during these strange times. As John Lennon said, “Life is what happens to you when you are busy making other plans.” The Coronavirus is here, and people are frantic. However, life is what you make it in this moment. Remember, the time is now.