Trends Making a Comeback

With the start of a new decade, trends of the ‘90s, ‘80s and ‘70s are becoming progressively more relevant in today’s fashion world.


Madeleine Nicks

In the early 2000s, monochromatic outfits became a popular trend. People would dress in one color, and this allowed them to play with have an eclectic texture, fabric, and style while still maintaining a cohesive look.

In the ‘50s, women improved their everyday look with striking accessories, and sunglasses were one of the most common statement pieces. This era was famous for the cat-eye sunglasses, which has a winged out edge to both enhance and elongate their face shape. This silhouette has filtered through decades of fashion trends, landing today in a slightly more subtle frame with a small wing in bright colors.

The 2000s also brought the beginning of big hair clips. In the years before, women strived to hide their bobby pins and keep the illusion of their hairstyles alive. But the 2000s ushered in the beginning of colorful and playful hair accessories.

The ‘80s have made a huge comeback in 2020. The classic high waisted mom-jean look has been modernized and improved into the straight-legged high waisted jeans we see on an everyday basis. Fanny packs have also made their way back onto the scene as a fashion accessory in new structured styles. Crops tops from the ‘80s have made a resurgence, and are now a closet staple, no matter the color or material.

In the ‘70s, floral graphics and disco outfits were made of a spectrum of bold, eye-catching colors. And now, neon and vivid shades are more popular than ever. In addition, jeans have once again risen to the top of street style. Jeans are not only worn on a daily basis, but denim outfits, dresses, and tops are stylish.