Review of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare


Wesley Schulz, Writer

After sinking about 20 hours into Activision’s newest Call of Duty game, I feel as though I can properly review the game. This will not be a complete review, however, as I have yet to play any of the single-player campaigns, so this review will be focusing solely on the multiplayer aspect of the game. Despite many people hyping this COD to be a return to form, which in some ways it is, the game feels much different from past Call of Duty games. The main difference that I think everyone will feel the second they hop into their first game is the change of pace for the gunplay, despite extremely fast time to kill with most guns, the game feels much slower than past games in the franchise. In some aspects, it feels much closer to a battlefield or rainbow six games than a Call of Duty game, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Multiplayer games now require you to hold angles and to peak corners slowly, much like a tactical shooter and can throw returning fans such as myself for a loop. However, if you’re someone who has left the franchise to play the aforementioned tactical shooter genre, then I think this game will be your favorite of all the past Call of Duty titles. Apart from the gunplay, the main gameplay loop hasn’t changed, it’s still very much the same type of game we’ve been playing for the past 3 years, except for one major difference, the removal of the prestige system. The removal of this influential system isn’t as horrible as it may sound, as the way they have replaced it will remind many people of Fortnite’s battle pass system, where players play and complete challenges to unlock seasonal rewards. Another big change is the introduction of the battlefield sized ground war maps, which add vehicles and large open maps for players to play around on. This game mode fits perfectly with the new gunplay system they’ve added, and rewards tactical and thought out play on a large scale map. Overall Modern Warfare has fixed many of the problems that people have been complaining about for the past few years, while also taking the franchise in a new direction to compete with the wave of tactical shooters in recent years.