Tips for Tackling High School Homework: A Guide to Local Coffee Shops


Elli Westmacott, Writer

A few weeks ago I started high school and I’m already stressed about homework and projects. I have Biology worksheets, English essays, and math homework pretty much every night. I’m reading large textbooks and John Steinbeck after school and during Study Hall every day. This is a big adjustment, but I’m starting to pick up on a few helpful ways to manage my workload, especially for weekend homework. 

My first tip for tackling the High School workload is to do your homework at local coffee shops whenever you get the chance. I feel extremely relaxed and focused when I’m able to sit back in a comfortable chair and write my English essays while sipping on a cold, caffeinated beverage. Some may say these shops are too chaotic to get anything done but I feel that if you can tune out the noise or put in a pair of headphones, it’s the best possible place to get things accomplished. 

My favorite four local coffee shops that I frequent are The Breakfast Culture Club, The French Press, Java Station, and Handlebar Coffee Roasters. 

Breakfast Culture Club is my favorite spot to study

Breakfast Culture Club: Some weekends I go to the Breakfast Culture Club to do homework with a friend. Both she and I plan to continue this tradition every Sunday and we agreed that this is the most entertaining and efficient way to get our stuff done. The Breakfast Culture Club is probably my favorite out of the four because of it’s artistic decorations and the variety of tasty toast dishes they sell. The first time I went there was with my friend, Sontene, and we were shocked at the variety of different types of toast. The avocado toast and the almond butter toast are two of my favorites. 


The French Press: I’ve spent a lot of time at the French Press, where I’ve sipped on many types of caffeinated drinks while writing notes and reading books. Their iced coffees are nothing less than perfect and they go well with a fun ten-page math packet! The French Press is somewhere I like to go after school to finish up my work, but mostly just to sit back in a comfortable chair and sip on coffee.


The Java Station: If you haven’t had the pleasure of chomping down on one of the Java Station’s delicious bagels you haven’t lived. Just looking at their bagels makes my mouth water. A few years ago I used to live close to the Java Station, so close I rode my bike there most days and I’d always order a bagel and an extra-large black iced tea. The person behind the cash register would always laugh at me because every time I went many of my friends would order some sort of sweet drink, but not me. I love black iced tea. Java Station is a cute little place; it has a fireplace and a whole wall of board games. It’s very family-friendly and that’s part of the reason I like it so much. 


Last but certainly not least, Handlebar Coffee Roasters: I’ve enjoyed a sweet iced vanilla latte several times at the Handlebar. Whether I’m with some childhood friends or quietly doing my homework in the corner, I can never seem to resist this comfy little shop. I used to always go to the Coffee Bean by Trader Joes, not knowing there was a great local coffee shop right down the street. Now that they opened a big, new Handlebar on De La Vina Street, I haven’t been to Coffee Bean since. 

Whenever I show up to these local shops I’m always carrying my computer, a pen or pencil, and a journal where I write down all of my assignments and when they’re due. I think that this is one of the most efficient ways to remember due dates and to plan them ahead of time so that I don’t end up in class empty-handed. I’ve passed several tests thanks to the hours I spend in these shops listening to music and studying. I’ve also used the time I spend in these sweet-smelling spots to perfect English essays and dive deeper into the world of writing and journalism. I highly advise that if you are having trouble getting your work done, especially on the weekends when you know your friends are at the beach and you’re stuck inside because you have so much damn homework, treat yourself to a nice cup of hot or cold coffee and get your work done without distraction. I assure you, you will finish that homework ten times faster in the French Press or at the Handlebar. 

Ok well, I’ve got to go finish my math project over a cup of coffee. See you later!