3 2 1 MUG CAKES – Holiday Edition

Here is our recipe for a simple, delicious, and fun treat to get you in the holiday spirit! These treats are easy enough to make in just two minutes. Look at our directions below to make your own.

3 2 1 MUG CAKES - Holiday Edition

Dare Fitzpatrick and Frances Carlson






  1. Combine the store-bought Angel Food Cake mix with any other cake mix of your choice. This can be vanilla, chocolate, or even red velvet.




2.  Put three tablespoons of the combined mixture into a holiday-themed mug.


3. Add two tablespoons of water and mix. This is a great time to add cinnamon, chocolate chips, or any other additional ingredients.


4. Place your mug into the microwave for one minute. After it’s done, let cool for around a minute.


5. Now get creative! You can add whipped cream, fruit, or sprinkles. Enjoy!


Frances² (Frances and Dare)