Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

Patrick Otte, Writer

The forest line is incoming as Cal Krestis jumps from a Resistance airship. Cal, using his attuned force powers grabs hold of a vine under the forest canopy, using the force to swing him from one vine to the next. Eventually, Cal reaches his destination, a thick tree with aged branches spanning some unknown distance outward. Cal crouches, looking at the Imperial base. Taking out the robot, you look at the map of your soon-to-be infiltrated base, familiarize yourself where you must go, take a deep breath, and jump down from the tree, unhooking your lightsaber from your belt, drawing it, it’s blue hue radiating into the rather dark forest floor.

“Jedi Fallen Order” will be released by EA November 15, 2019, a new Star Wars game where you play as a padawan named Cal Kestis. “Jedi Fallen Order” is a single-player game with no microtransactions or multiplayer modes which is unlike EA in recent years. A story-style game like God of War, the movement, and gameplay would be considered a lot like Uncharted in this adventure style feel where the player gets to explore ancient temples of old and scale high mountains. When fighting enemies such as stormtroopers, or Sith Inquisitors, Cal wields a blue lightsaber alongside his force powers that can be further upgraded as the game goes on. Critics who were previewed to play the game for three hours said the gameplay felt a bit like Dark Souls in the sense of defeating enemies and bosses. Hopefully, it won’t be as hard as Dark Souls. You’re a Jedi for crying out loud! Well, a padawan. Star Wars gamers will know that the most recent time there was a Star Wars game similar to this one was Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II, released ten years ago.

The game is set to post order 66, after Darth Vader has raided, and killed hundreds of Jedi in the Jedi Temple. With the help of the 501st Legion and other Clone Troopers around the galaxy, Clones were initialized to kill their Jedi generals by a chip installed into the embryo of every clone. Cal Kestis is one of the only surviving Jedi after order 66. The player starts out as a padawan and works towards becoming a Jedi Knight. He is helping the resistance, disarrayed the Empire’s widespread might across the galaxy. Cal has to watch out as he is being hunted by the Empire’s Sith Inquisitors. The story itself is pretty linear, unlike the Force Unleashed II, the player chooses whether to be a dark, or light user of the force. You play as a Jedi so you will have a good alignment no matter what, but you choose your dialogue options. What you choose to say, and the choices you make will influence what happens in the story.

There has been massive hype for Jedi Fallen Order, and will it live up to its expectations? Hopefully. Star Wars fans have been dying for a game like this since Star Wars Force Unleashed II. The lightsaber is the most iconic artifact in Star Wars and having a game where you Wield a blue lightsaber, and readily swing it around to cut down foes is epic. With lightsabers, the light side, the dark side, and hopefully some Sith Lords; how will Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order pan out?