What’s Next for Game of Thrones Fans?


Patrick Otte, Writer

Many Game of Thrones fans felt as if they were left off on a sour note when season eight abruptly ended. However, this won’t be the end of Westeros. HBO began shooting the pilot for Bloodmoon when season eight of Game of Thrones was showing in April, abandoning it and turning toward another prequel idea set in Westeros: House of Dragon. This is set 300 years before A Game of Thrones takes place when the Taergaryan empire was at the height of its power. George R. R. Martin is a gateway to Dragons, and who doesn’t like Dragons?

Good news for Game of Thrones fans who didn’t enjoy the final season, Daniel Brett Weiss, one of the producers for Game of Thrones will not be directing House of Dragons. Instead, Ryan Condal the producer of the Netflix show Colony, and Miguel Shopinik who brought us the Battle of the Bastards, and Hardhome will be co-directing House of Dragons. According to filming difficulties in Northern Ireland, there has been no set release date as of now for the upcoming season. Based on Martin’s new book Blood and Fire, The House of Dragon will be chronicling the Rise and Fall of the Taergaryan Empire.

Even though Blood moon is no longer in production, Game of Thrones fans will like to know what was cast aside. “Blood Moon” is supposedly set thousands of years before the main story, and George R. R. Martin prefers to call it “The Long Night”. The dreary title suggests this was the first time Westeros was plunged into total darkness. The age of heroes is set 10,300 years before the Game of Thrones TV show takes place. The Night’s Watch and the wall of ice was nonexistent, and Dragons were not aplenty. White Walkers ravaged Westeros’s countryside, and warriors rose up to beat them back to the far northern part of the globe. Maybe HBO decided to step back from production because we have already seen so much of White Walkers in the initial season of Game of Thrones. Maybe HBO just wants to showcase some more dragons?

So what can we expect so far from House of Dragons? Dragons, incest, blood, and gore? Of course. In all seriousness, I believe Shopinik, and Condal will dive deeper into Taergaryan history, and politics to inform the general population about the great house the Taergaryan’s once was. In a Game of Thrones Viserys, and Daenarys are what we have; Daenarys making a very good claim at the Throne until, you know, Season eight. Instead of siblings, fans will get to experience the height of the Taergaryan empire.