Keeping Things Posted

Often, caught up in the madness of the school year, we forget how to use our planners to their fullest potential, leading to disorganization and lessened academic success.


Amara Murphy

It starts at the beginning of every school year, we are handed a new agenda and expected to properly utilize it in order to keep our daily lives organized. However, what often happens as the assignments pile on and our lives get hectic and begin to take a toll on our energy? What can one do?

Begin to use the one thing that can preserve your sanity, your agenda.

It is almost expected that we already know how to properly plan and maintain a running agenda, but the reality for many of us is that we do not and it affects everything from our ability to turn an assignment in on time to our preparedness for an exam.

Nonetheless, the school year has begun to roll around and, as we face the daunting task of managing both our academic and extracurricular lives it becomes necessary that we learn how to use our planner to its fullest potential. By far, the most important step when it comes to staying organized is being able to prioritize. 

While simply jotting down your assignments is helpful in an obvious way that it ensures you don’t forget you have homework being able to prioritize your assignments helps you to reach maximum productivity and that being said in order for your planner to be effective you are going to need much more than just your planner.

Post-it notes, that all-helpful square of paper that keeps your lists from overlapping and your agenda from looking like a piece of abstract art.

Typically, after a day at school one will come home to find their agenda is a jumble of assignments and dates for tests and or quizzes and we revert back to the idea of prioritizing.

Staring down at an antagonizing list of to do’s isn’t going to help you get anywhere, in fact, it’s likely that it will lead to more stress and this is where the post-it notes come in to give you peace of mind.

Creating an “action list,” so to speak, of the things you need to get done will not only save you time but help you to become a more organized and productive student overall.

Creating an action list takes little to no time and is quite simple, you first have to look at everything you’ve written down in your agenda and prioritize what needs to be completed first.

After compiling that list mentally, you can take a post-it note and jot down your new action list and post it on the current day.