Intro Letters


Phoebe Stein

Laguna Blanca is known for its close community of students, teachers, staff and parents.

We know that when we need help, there will be dozens of Owls waiting with words of wisdom, whether it is friendly advice, horror-story-esque warnings about workloads, raves about teachers or the casual “don’t forget your calculator!”

One of the best aspects of being a part of the Laguna Blanca community is the knowledge that we aren’t alone with our apprehension or fears about classes. We have the best resources right next to us: students who have experienced the same worries that we have, and conquered them with a smile (sometimes…).

We asked students from each class to write a letter to students entering the year they just completed. These letters are mini pep-talks, advise columns and words of warning that hopefully will prepare our fellow Owls for the exciting 2019-20 school year.

Good luck everyone, let’s make this another great year at Laguna Blanca!