Meet Andrew Wooden Interim Head of Upper School

An Interview with the New Interim Head of Upper School


Mia Humbred-Hilf

Mia Humberd-Hilf

Andrew Wooden, the new interim Head of Upper School, has been working for independent schools for over 40 years. Joining us from The Buckley School where he served as Interim Head of School in 2018. Prior to that, Wooden served as Head of School at Marymount from 2011 -2018 He’s held positions including teacher, coach, Dean of Admissions, as well as Interim and Permanent Head of School. Most recently, before his joining of Laguna Blanca School’s administration, Wooden worked as Interim Head of School at The Buckley School in Los Angeles and as Head of School at Marymount of Santa Barbara. Now currently employed as Laguna Blanca School’s Interim Head of School, the faculty, staff, and students of Laguna look forward to getting to know him throughout the coming 2019-2020 school year.

What is your favorite high school memory?

“Discussing literature and writing with teachers and friends. Discovering new music that remains in my music library today.”

Where do you like to eat in Santa Barbara?

“From La Super Rica to Paradise Café. I miss East Beach Grill!”

When you aren’t at school, what is your favorite hobby?

“Walking our dogs on the beach, reading, and racing sailboats.”

What do you think is the most important aspect of a positive school environment?

“Healthy relationships among all members of the Laguna community.  A good school is one where we each take care of one another.  I hope that we listen empathetically to one another and that we are slow in judgment and have the patience to seek understanding.”

What are you most excited for during the first year working at Laguna Blanca?

“Getting to know the students and especially the senior class. I hear they have 20-20 vision. I look forward to meeting with Kiki and Emma to better understand their hopes for the year.”