The Other Senior Year

An interview with Grace Hoffacker, the newly appointed 8th grade speaker, on her upcoming graduation speech and experiencing the Middle School “senior” year.



What does being the 8th grade speaker mean to you?

“I get to speak for everyone, and not just myself. I’m just very grateful that I got picked and was chosen to be able to be that person for everyone. Because I know a lot of people wanted to be it, and I’m just really excited that I’m the one who got chosen.”

What was your reaction when you found that you had been chosen?

“I was in shock. I didn’t really say anything and everybody was looking at me and it didn’t really process through me head that it was me.”

Are you nervous or excited to

deliver your speech?

“I’m really excited. Pretty nervous, though, because I’m not the best at public speaking but hopefully, you know, it will go smoothly.”

What was the general message of your speech and why?

“The general message is how Laguna has been a blessing for my family and I because the community is so amazing and everyone here is so nice and all the teacher are so amazing. [The teachers] want to help you succeed and I haven’t always had that. So it’s really nice to have the support behind you so that you can succeed.”

Are you excited to start high school?

“Yeah I’m really excited. Just do be in a different environment and, I know it’s not a big move, but moving over here ad meeting new people and friends. Hopefully having a bigger class next year.”

Do you think that 8th grade is it’s own version of a senior year?

“Yes. Because they put us as the role of the leaders in the middle school. We get more opportunities and our class has bonded more this year than it ever has because we are so close and we do so many because they know it is our last year all together. So it’s a good year for bonding and leadership.”