Zack Moore – Humans of Laguna


Sophia Samuels


“It was after football practice. My buddies and I were hanging out, and my mom walks and she’s like ‘zack, don’t forget you have piano lessons in forty-five minutes, and I was mortified, I was like ‘mom, don’t mention piano lessons in front of my football friends!’ and I think that was the point were I decided not to keep doing the piano. Within a short period of time [after that], I had stopped doing lessons and I now really regret that. The worry of what my peers thought about me made me jump out of an activity the I wish I continued with. I think It is important to be true to you and worry less about what other people think. I think back on when I was younger and worrying what others people opinions of me were. I [now] realize that was just a very short piece of time in my life. I should’ve been more concerned with being true to my values and less about what other people thought of my actions.”