Game of Thrones: Why so Special?


Game of Thrones is debatably the most popular TV show of all time. With a 95% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and the eighth season coming out in roughly a year. A Game of Thrones has a vast fantasy world with many characters and different ecosystems and most importantly features the war between the different kingdoms to take over the Iron Throne (the world in Game of Thrones). Having control over the Iron Throne is the Tyrant of Westeros, but there’s always someone else wanting to take power, whether that be a kingdom halfway across the world or your closest friend. What makes A Game of Thrones so great and entertaining to watch are the characters that trudge on through their hard lives.

Some people dislike how a Game of Thrones is so unexpected, and how before you know it, your favorite character dies. However, one could argue the show is so popular because of how surprisingly brutal and graphic it is.

“I really like the interesting fantasy world, but the history really feels real, and anything can happen,” said teacher Catherine Pillar adding, “I really like Tyrion. He is really witty and is one of the most interesting characters I have ever seen to grace a TV show. Game of Thrones is not too graphic, but I think it can be hard to watch at times.”

Most people love Game of Thrones because of the unpredictability, which is unlike most fantasies where the good guy never dies. It’s a Machiavellian world where there is no good or bad, and if you get submerged in the seasons like I did, you will be questioning the decisions of the most seemingly just characters.

“What makes Game of Thrones such a popular show is that there are no false endings — no stupid endings. Something bad will always happen,” said Wesley Walker whose favorite characters include, “Jon Snow, Cersei, and Tyrion.”

Creator George R. R. Martin really did well creating many a variety of interesting characters that really resonated with the fans. Game of Thrones is definitely controversial in many people’s eyes because of its unexpectedness and how a character just dies. It is very realistic, nobody gets saved by a fairie before they die, they just die. To many people,  the unexpectedness of the characters’ survival in Game of Thrones is what makes it such a great show.