The Fourth Estate

Whether the original intent of cancel culture was to make sure that rich and powerful face repercussions for their actions, spread gossip, or increase publicity, the only thing to do is choose whether or not to participate.


Milla Hirsch and Claire Tolles November 17, 2021

When opening Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Tik Tok, or almost any type of communicative app, the word or hashtag of cancelled is virtually bound to pop up. An un-ecological brand is cancelled,...

Instant Gratification

Instant Gratification

Phoebe Stein June 3, 2019

"Can I see it?” one may ask as soon as the camera shutter goes off. “Just take a few more, I think you caught my bad side,” is muttered as people flip through an array of digital photos. This is...


War of the Tablets

December 11, 2012

   The holiday season is almost upon us, and some of the most popular gift items are tablets. Whether it is for work, for play, for watching movies or reading books, tablets have become extremely...



October 20, 2011

The world mourns for Steve Jobs former CEO of Apple, a technology company valued at over $300B, who lost his battle to pancreatic cancer on Oct. 5. Merely six weeks prior to his death, on Aug. 24, Jobs...

Anonymous Donor Funds Wireless System

October 20, 2011

Students can now access the Internet from their wireless devices thanks to the newly installed Wi-Fi system which was funded by an anonymous donor. Currently 55 students in the high school have already...

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