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What Did You Say: Cut Off?

March 2, 2017

Snapchat, Netflix, and Youtube are common forms of media and communication around the Laguna campus and many other schools, but some of our forms of communication and media have been cut off.

Of course, students are expected to pay attention in class and not be on their phones, but Laguna is taking measures to new levels by blocking Youtube videos and the popular app Snapchat.

Although I understand the precaution, I believe this is taking it to the extreme. Not all students are on their phone Snapchatting in class because they are aware of the consequences. Teachers and other staff should deal with the students who use their phones in class instead of punishing the whole student body. Laguna
students are not happy about this change.

The principal argument the students are expressing is that students should be able to use the media while they aren’t attending academic classes, such as free period, lunch and other non-academic classes.

“The blocking of Snapchat infringes our ability to share photos and communicate when it comes to social media. The majority don’t use Snapchat in class, only during the break between classes, and we don’t do any harm when using it. Snapchat is social media, not a dangerous site. It isn’t the school’s job to look over our shoulder and police our every move, especially in the upper school. The point of the upper school is to teach us about different freedoms, and at the same time be given responsibility that we have to deal with,” freshman Rhami Zeini said.  


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