Camila Lemere

What Did You Say: 10-10-10

February 9, 2017

With Santa Barbara International Film Festival kicking off February 1, excitement is in the air for junior Camila Lemere. 10-10-10, an annual Screenwriting and Filmmaking contest, is a competition for high school and college students. In this contest, many apply, but only five high school and five college groups are selected to compete. If accepted,  each team is assigned a professional mentor; and then begins to put together their productions. More specifically, Camila explains, “the screenwriter is then responsible for writing a 10-page screenplay which the filmmaker then has to turn into a 10-minute film in 10 days. Those 10 days began on January 31st. The same thing happens for college screenwriters and filmmakers.”

Starting on the very first day of the film festival, each team begins filming and perfecting their works of art, which they continue to do over the course of just 10 days. The last day of the SBIFF, the 10 compositions are judged and revealed to the public. Two grand winners are named, one from the Screenwriting category and one from the Filmmaking category.

Camila Lemere, who is known for her films that pay attention to small detail, is one of the 10
contestants who made it into the 10-10-10 Competition.

“I don’t think my films have any particular subject or topic. They range far in regards to what they’re about, so it’s hard to think of one single thing that “defines” my work. I think overall, in everything, I’m just trying to tell a story that makes viewers feel something. The emotion the feel depends on the video, but I hope that after watching any video, viewers leave the experience having felt something because of whatever story that video told. It sounds weird but, but the goal in filmmaking is always to tell a story and to touch people through that story. And that’s my goal.”

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