Interview with President of Cause for Paws Club


Image of Sonya Kotler President of Cause for Paws Club

I sat down with Sonya Kotler who is the President of Laguna’s Cause for Paws club to talk about their plans for this year.

Q: Who is running this club with you?

        A: Kailea Hieshema and I are co-presidents of the club.

Q: What is Cause for Paws?

        A: Well Cause for Paws is a Laguna club that works with K-9 PALS, which is a non-kill, non-profit shelter located in Santa Barbara. It provides a safe haven for dogs who are in line to be euthanized as well as providing dog training and veterinary services.  

Q: How are you planning to contribute to the non-profit?

     A:  Our main goal is to raise money for the animals but we will also be doing some volunteering as well.

Q: What have you planned so far this year?

        A:  We have many ideas for fundraisers this year but most of them are just in idea phase. Some things we are currently planning are a Candy Bar on Halloween and popsicles or ice cream sales.

Q: Do you think that would you do any fundraisers or events with other clubs?

        A: Yes! We are open to any joined events and are currently working on planning something with the Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation club.

Image of Sonya Kotler President of Cause for Paws Club

Image of Sonya Kotler President of The Cause for Paws Club