Mr. Marracino Ends His Tenure

mr. marracino“If in June you could look back and say ‘I’m glad Richard Marracino was here,’ I’d be very happy.”
This was the attitude Mr. Marracino brought to Laguna in his one year at the school as interim Head of School.
During the turnover, while waiting for the new head of school, Mr. Rob Hereford, to arrive, Mr. Marracino has kept the ship steady at Laguna.
“What I needed to do, and continue to do, is build the transition for the incoming head of school, so he can land running.”
Mr. Marracino was only with the school for one year, but during his tenure he led the school in many different things including celebrations for Laguna’s 80th Anniversary, the construction of the new tennis courts, and with drastically increasing the enrollment at Laguna.
“We’ve worked a lot on raising enrollment. There has been a lot of outreach into the community, and a lot of meetings with different parents and groups…and as a result of that, our enrollment is up 40 percent from last year, which is amazing.
“I think when you get out in the community and talk to people very positively about the school, they listen.”
Mr. Marracino’s passion for education is evident when he speaks.
He has actively tried to spend as much time with the students as possible and he has always placed an importance on learning and going through the process of understanding concepts.
“So much of the school that we’ve worked on during the year is to help prepare students for the future and for life.”
Despite only being here for short time, Mr. Marracino has found ways to improve Laguna and bring the school to new heights.