Ian Carradine Advances in Mock Trial as a College Freshman


Laguna alum Ian Carradine graduated in 2011 and went on to Hamilton College in New York.

Ian earned the Regional Witness Award: Mock Trial 2012, which is awarded to the highest scoring witnesses at every tournament.

“I was really shocked but happy at the same time.”

Ian joined the Mock Trial team in the fall of 2011 due to his interest in majoring in pre-law.

“Also, it’s a great way to meet new people as a freshman. People take it very seriously and go all out,” he said, not expecting the ‘Mock’ environment to be so serious and competitive.”

But despite the amount of work that goes into it, his favorite part is unwinding after the matches with the team, where he gets to “eat at nice restaurants and get reimbursed afterwards by the school.”

“It’s also cool to spend a weekend away from college at a hotel with your friends.”

Ian’s award was an individual witness award in the case of State of Midlands v. Danny Dawson.

He played either the  French cab driver or a bartender for the defense, depending on the order that the witnesses were called.

Now, Hamilton’s Mock Trial team is headed to the Opening Round Championship Series, where Ian will compete on March 25 to see if they make it to Nationals.

Ian has been promoted to plan-A defense’s, where he will play the cab driver.

He will participate in Hamilton’s Mock Trial team next year, given he has time within his schedule. “Hopefully I can pick up a few tricks at my law-office internship this summer in New York City.”