Writing is Not a Lost Art

Do you ever wonder why authors write countless drafts while constructing a story Writing is a challenging process.

Niccolo D’Agruma

Writing matters. It’s an art. The process is, at times, painful and exhausting. It is about the process, and the tool authors use to express themselves, show their imagination, and find their identity.

Artistic representation is the process of expressing emotion through different mediums.

Through artistic forms like creative writing and art, artists can find meaning in life and in the world around them.

When authors create, they share their ideas with the world, which are products of themselves. It is fascinating to witness artists find themselves and emerge as other people.

Students use different mediums to express themselves and relate to the world.

Writing is one of the oldest forms of communication and can allow writers to express themselves and communicate.

“Writing is very important to society because it’s a representation of an art form that is slowly becoming lost,” said junior Lyla Bollag. Learning how to write can also help with many life/practical skills (letters to employers, teachers, government officials, family,”

Inspiration comes in a variety of forms. Many artists pull inspiration from nature, politics and religion. They find inspiration by viewing work from other artists they admire. They take notice of their surroundings, ancestry, culture, experiences, art galleries, music, and literature.

“I have drawn inspiration from movements and styles and other artists that I see at art galleries or online,” Lyla said.

Creation can come from an innate feeling or an outside force. It can be a way of commenting on something important, expressing one’s experience and point of view, and exploring one’s identity.

“External sources inspire my motive to create, whether it’s style, imitation, or possibly critiques and nods to events, movements, and messages,” said Lyla.

For example, one of my pieces, “We’re Not All White,” displays a punkish/grunge vampire who is a person of color against a brightly colored brick wall.”

The freedom to create and express oneself is powerful as it allows people to express their true feelings.

“The writing process can be very meditative because when I get into the zone, so to speak, it’s like I lose awareness of the space around me,” said Lyla. I become completely immersed in what I’m doing. It’s also a space to pour what I’m feeling, which can help release certain feelings.”

Similarly, creative writing allows writers to center themselves and persevere through adversity.

The pandemic influenced and impacted millions of people, especially authors, who had to overcome obstacles and incorporate these into their writing. Reemerging from this trying time has allowed many authors to discuss their feelings and experiences in their work. For writers, it is vital to preserve their feelings within their work.

As we progress into a digital age that de-prioritizes the written word in favor of superficial digital content, some writers fear that the power of literature is fading.

“YouTube or other social media aren’t always the best because they give you an obvious answer. With writing, someone can find individualized meaning in each literary work,” said Lyla. It’s up to the reader to find what I’m trying to say.”