Stance of the Staff

Dare, Madeleine, Frances and Hanna

Dare, Madeleine, Frances and Hanna

Campus feels silent and strange. Passing periods, normally loud and bustling, are quiet and still. The senior quad sits empty at lunch; the space feels too large for us to inhabit. Juniors fill the senior lot, a place once prized by our beloved seniors. Patterns, routines and norms are now changed, and we don’t know how to feel yet. The presence of the senior class shaped all of us, in the ways we learn, talk, and lead. Now, without them, we must continue to strive to uphold these values that they’ve instilled–without their comforting laughs or soothing smiles. 

However, it is the universal truth we all have to face, whether we want to or not, because everything eventually ends. As much as we’ve looked forward to seeing the seniors go to college, we’ve always disliked endings. But endings are inevitable. Leaves fall. You close a book. You say goodbye. Today is one of those days for the Class of 2022. 

Yes, it will be hard to replicate Rhys’ school spirit at volleyball games, Catie’s leadership in assemblies, and Claire’s friendliness to all grades, but if the seniors have taught us anything it is that we must represent and embrace their collective characteristics. 

They all have inspired and taught the student body to promote school spirit, engage in thoughtful learning and respect our peers. On our school’s values: scholarship, character, balance and community, we can find no greater examples than the Class of 2022. 

Through their work ethic and care, our entire school has prospered. We promise to continue their legacy and make sure that Laguna remains the welcoming community that they provided for us. 

We may feel heavy of heart, but we know this will pass. We know to celebrate the seniors and their accomplishments. We know to honor their legacy and uniqueness. 

Even though this time is bittersweet, and we all don’t know what to make of it, it’s beautiful. The experiences and moments we share as we approach a new chapter in our lives won’t be forgotten. We’re all growing up, and each year is a story. 

The changes we see in our classes, as seniors pass down the reigns to juniors, isn’t something to fear. Instead, it’s something to enjoy and cherish. Though we’re sad about the people we will miss, we’re incredibly grateful and happy for our seniors.

They’ve braved a worldwide pandemic that turned their lives upside down. They’ve conquered one of the toughest college admission cycles on record. They’ve lead the student body and touched all of our hearts. There is no doubt that they are going to thrive in college and beyond.

It is time for us to bid you farewell and bid you a successful life ahead. To the Class of 2022, go forth (estate)! There is nothing you should be except your authentic selves. We’re proud of you, we’re happy for you, and we can’t wait to see what you accomplish.