Channelkeepers Watershed Brigade


Santa Barbara Channelkeeper is eager to engage students in community service activities and to request that you please include our organization on your school’s list of community service options. 

Santa Barbara Channelkeeper is a registered 501c3 environmental nonprofit (EIN: 91-2151460) and is pleased to offer validated community service credits. 

Channelkeeper’s Watershed Brigade provides COVID-safe opportunities for volunteers to benefit the environment and earn credit. Watershed Brigade volunteers remove trash from trails, neighborhoods, creeks, rivers, and beaches and serve as environmental stewards. 

Clean-ups can be conducted anytime, anywhere and our team is happy to support student efforts by identifying litter hotspots and providing volunteers with clean-up supplies. I’ve included an informational handout to help get the word out and there’s more info on our website (//  We hope that your students will join us!

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Santa Barbara                    Molly Troup        [email protected]  (805) 563-3377