Summer Fashion Trends

Summer and hotter weather is right around the corner, which calls for a new wardrobe. It’s time to switch out your hoodies and jeans for these top three fashion trends this summer.



Dr. Martens

Dr. Martens shoes were first sold in the UK during the 1960s, but like most vintage clothing trends, Dr. Martens became popular again starting around 2010. On campus students can be spotted wearing the popular shoes. “Dr. Martens are probably my favorite fashion trend,” freshman Sasha Drucker said. They work well with multiple styles including grunge, dark academia or modern indie aesthetic outfits. They can be worn with baggy pants and jeans. Additionally, they’re versatile and can work for walking or hiking. The wide range of Dr. Martens sandals offer an effortlessly cool and comfortable summery look when paired with cut-offs, dresses and skirts.


Tie-dye clothes, once limited to hippie fashion or craft projects, have taken off and can be seen in T-shirts, hoodies, swimsuits, and more. Part of the attraction is because each piece is unique and fun to wear. “A trend I see a lot during the summer is tie-dye clothes,” freshman Keanu Nakamura said. “It would be fun to see more of those bright colors this summer as well.” Tie-dye has been around for many years, becoming popular in the 1960s as protest art, then as pop fashion in the 70s. Whether a DIY piece or one that’s pre-made, there are plenty of ways to wear tie-dye’s unique colorful patterns, such as spiral, crumple and bullseye—the possibilities are endless.


The indie aesthetic was originally based on individuality in music genres, but underwent a modern resurgence in 2019 and 2020. Labeled “indie kid,” the modern indie wave centers around bright colors, retro clothing, a skater lifestyle and an early 2000s-style fashion. This aesthetic rose in popularity through social media platforms. Junior Olivia Davenport said she’s inspired by her “friends and social media” when it comes to her leaning towards the modern “indie” aesthetic. Oversized jeans, large hoodies, small shirts and thrifted clothes are popular indie styles seen around campus. Beaded necklace, bucket hats, knit sweaters and flannels are just some of the accessories that add to the “indie” look.