Summer Must Haves

Here is a list of students’ favorite summer items to have fun and keep up with the top trends while staying cool and comfortable.



  1. The problem of sunburns come around in summer for those with fair complexions. People who have a hard time tanning but want a sun-kissed appearance, try out fake tanner. Simply apply lotion to
    clean skin, and you will instantly look like you’ve been in the sun. Fake tanner beats the pain and damage of sun tanning.
  2. Junior Nicole Khodabandelou uses a Whole Foods brand Aloe Vera 365 spray at home during
    the sunny summer months. She likes to, “put it in the fridge, so when it’s applied, it cools the skin.” Aloe is perfect for retaining moisture in the skin, especially after too much sun. It also has healing properties.
  3. In summer, senior Daisy Finefrock switches to tinted moisturizer when the summer sun starts to hit her skin. She recommends this product which, “isn’t heavy, has SPF for sun coverage and covers
    blemishes.” A lighter option as opposed to a foundation, tinted moisturizer is a great summer makeup product.
  4. Popsicles appeal to any age and you can make them a healthier treat by making your own at home, using fresh produce and natural fruit juice. Junior Freddie Russel enjoys strawberry Popsicles, “They refresh you after a long summer day, by quenching your thirst.”
  5. Sophomore Fiona Hernandez says bead crafts are her summer must haves; jewelry and accessory making is a fun and easy activity to do with friends and family. Whether at the beach, at a park or at home, it is always entertaining to create colorful summer accessories.
  6. During summer, many enjoy sunbathing by the pool or the beach. With that being said, a bikini is a must have; but not any plain bikini—a bright one to reflect the bright, fun nature of summer. Not to mention, bright bikinis are super fun and flirty.