Congratulations to Our Mock Trial Team


Jessica Tyler

Prosecution Team pictured left to right: Claire Kellett ’23; George Nicks ’22; Aden Meisel ’23; Frances (Dare) Fitzpatrick ’22; Jacqueline Richardson ’23; Jackson (Jack) Andrews ’23; Attorney Coach Shelly Mossembekker; Attorney Coach Sarah Barkley; Robert (Robbie) Dunn ’23; and Kent Dunn ’23. Defense Team not pictured: Dylan Charney ’24; Magdalena Amezaga ’24; Hanna Masri ’22, Jaleya Calloway ’23; Victoria Campbell Goldman ’23; Fiona Hernandez ’23; Ally Jacobs ’24; Jade Silva ’23; Sarah Woodhouse ’24, and Attorney Coach Neil Levinson

Tara Broucqsault

After nearly five long months of legal preparation and working with local attorneys who volunteer their time, Laguna Blanca’s Mock Trial Team—a student club open to students in Grades 9-12—competed  Saturday, February 20 in the annual all-day Santa Barbara County Mock Trial competition. All parents and friends were invited to the Awards Ceremony via Zoom following the competition.

The students will serve as defenders, prosecutors, witnesses, clerk, and bailiff in a trial regarding Burglary, Aiding and Abetting, and Accessory After the Fact: featuring a pretrial argument on the 5th Amendment.

Congratulations to the following members of the Mock Trial team who received recognition:

Clerk: Jacqueline Richardson

Defense Trial Attorney: Jaleya Calloway

Defense Witness: Dylan Charney

Honorable Mention: George Nicks

A special thank you to Coach Jessica Tyler and our Lead Attorney Coach Neil Levinson and District Attorneys Sarah Barkley and Shelly Mossembekker. We so appreciate the time and expertise you shared with our students, providing them with a unique introduction to the legal system and a memorable experience.


Pretrial Attorney

Robert (Robbie) Dunn ’23


Claire Kellett ’23

George Nicks ’22


Jackson (Jack) Andrews ’23

Kent Dunn ’23

Frances (Dare) Fitzpatrick ’22

Aden Meisel ’23


Jacqueline Richardson ’23


Pretrial Attorney

Magdalena Amezaga ’24


Jaleya Calloway ’23

Fiona Hernandez ’23


Dylan Charney ’24

Hanna Masri ’22

Jade Silva ’23

Sarah Woodhouse ’24


Ally Jacobs ’24

Alternate Bailiff

Victoria Campbell Goldman ’23