Conditioning in Covid

Introducing LagunaTrain a solution to promote student fitness. With students not having an opportunity to work on fitness and conditioning during the quarantine, Laguna’s athletic staff organized a Covid-safe way for students to workout and have an opportunity to see their friends.


Andreas Jackson

School competitions are currently pushed back until December 2020 or January 2021. Many spring sport athletes’ seasons were cut short last school year and may lose their seasons this fall again.

Without school sports, some students have lost their primary source of exercise. To help students stay in shape, Laguna has started an after school fitness program: LagunaTrain.

“We felt it was a good opportunity to get our students out exercising with each other in a safe, socially distanced environment,” Athletic Director Jason Donnelly said.

According to student body president senior Finnegan Walker, “The initial idea about the LagunaTrain program was for kids to come out during quarantine and exercise together. It was both for training and allowing kids to come and interact with their classmates. We would meet one to two times a week from 3:30 to 5:00 and do various activities, including core, legs, and some arm workouts.

The program spreads out the grades into different days to minimize the size of groups. The program was the prelude to the sports program and a test to see how well we could interact with each other/workout while following all of the COVID-19 protocols.

Students were assigned an 8×8 foot box to do their workout. This spacing allowed social distancing between students, which meant we didn’t have to wear a mask while working out.

I thought it was an excellent idea and a good cardio-workout during the day. I also got to see Laguna students that I hadn’t seen while in quarantine, which was nice.

Most students I talked to about it loved the program and wished it was continuing, but, as other sports open up, the Laguna Train program is shutting down.”

LagunaTrain is the perfect program to provide fitness and cardio to the athletes at Laguna. It is a striking example that group fitness can be done safely if all of the rules are followed.

Are you doing anything to prepare for a sport season?     What are you doing to stay fit?

Are you not participating in a school sport because of Covid-19?                    How often do you run?