New Films This Fall and Winter Season


Dare Fitzpatrick

Whether you’re a film fanatic or you just like to watch movies to unwind, watching films remains an enjoyable activity for many of us at Laguna and everywhere. With movie theaters closed across the country due to COVID-19, it may not seem like new movies are coming out to the public. However this is untrue, and movie watching has become easier and more accessible than ever before. In the upcoming months, there are quite a few new movies to look out for and add to your watchlist.
If your preference in movies is more shifted towards horror, then there’s just the movie for you coming out this November 13th. Freaky (2020) is a new horror/comedy focused on the life of a teenage girl who switches bodies with a serial killer, and her journey of trying to fix her situation.
If you like action, thrills, and drama in your movies, then you must know the James Bond film series. It is a classic in American culture, and a wild ride to watch. The newest and final James Bond film, No Time to Die (2020) will be coming out this November 11th with well-known actors Daniel Craig, Rami Malek, and so many more.
If you liked Inside Out (2015), Coco (2017), and other Pixar films, this new movie may just be one of your favorites. Soul 2020, is an animated adventure movie following a middle-school band teacher with a passion for jazz and his journey to find his soul. This heartfelt movie is perfect to watch with your family or friends for a lighthearted screening session, coming out November 20th.
Christmas rom-coms: you either love them, in all their corny glory, or you hate them. If your stance on the genre is the former, then you’re in luck. Happiest Season (2020) is a Christmas romantic comedy coming out this November 25 following an unconventional story of a couple and their issues with family, politics, and freedom of love. With many well-known actors like Kristen Stewart, Aubrey Plaza, and many others, this movie is a must-watch to fulfill your cheesy holiday movie bucket list.
Finally, coming out this December 18th, is the highly anticipated science fiction film, Dune (2020). Based on the novel by Frank Herbert, this movie takes place on multiple different planets far in the future. A story full of twists and turns, betrayal, revenge, and more, it’s a must-see for sci-fi lovers. Starring a crowd favorite, Timothée Chalamet, and with Zendaya in a supporting role, among many other highly-esteemed actors, this movie is sure to do well.
Whatever your movie genre preference may be, you’re sure to find a film to add to your watchlist from the options above– mark your calendars for whichever option you choose, because this year’s Autumn film selections are just as diverse as they are delightful.