Goleta Drive-In Reopens

Nafisah Fathima, Web Editor

The drive-in in Goleta has reopened over the past week! It is now up and running and playing some oldies-but-goodies movies!


The airport drive-in opened in April 1951 with room for about 700 cars. It closed in 1991 and was strictly operating as the West Wind Goleta Public Market for the following 19 years. They reopened on May 7, 2010 and closed April 19, 2019. 


I’ve been going to the drive-in since 2010 when it reopened and I couldn’t imagine Goleta without it. I was crushed to hear of it closing last year but I’m so excited for it’s reopening! I’ve grown up seeing the workers there like the security guard, Steve (I’m pretty sure that was the name on his nametag but I could have easily just given him a name and gone with it). I loved experiencing movies at the drive-in. Everything felt magical and once I started going there—I couldn’t stand going to a regular movie theater. My family’s ritual of buying snacks, stocking the car up with drinks, blankets, and food were some of the happiest memories of my childhood. It’s comfy, warm, and you can snack as loud as you want because you can just raise the volume of the radio station the movie is playing on! 


This is a perfect time to check out the drive-in because we’re all quarantining anyways! This way, you and your family can enjoy a movie while still social distancing!


Remember that if you go— PLEASE be respectful of others! There are rules that need to be followed for everyone to enjoy themselves! 


Please go and support the drive-in! It’s a lovely place and deserves Santa Barbara’s and Goleta’s support!