Quarantine Activity: Tier Lists

Make some tier lists with your friends!

Quarantine Activity: Tier Lists

Nafisah Fathima, Web Editor

Everyone is bored during the quarantine. Once you’ve done everything you could possibly do while you’re home, there aren’t very many options left. Something fun to do with your friends is to make tier lists! If you and your friends have a show or a favorite album in common, you can rank your favorite characters and songs together over FaceTime!


Discussions can get pretty heated but it’s so fun to defend your favorite songs and rank them. I learned a lot about my friends by doing this! 


Here are some of the tier lists Daisy and I made!


We started off with ranking Harry Styles’ songs (which seems pretty impossible.) This caused a lot of arguments but we compromised a little and came up with this list:


Next, we ranked Shawn Mendes’ self-titled album. The songs on this album were so difficult to rank because they’re all sooo good! Here’s what we came up with:



We also ranked Gossip Girl and The Vampire Diaries characters! This is just a fun activity to do and I really recommend it! It’s fun to advocate for why you might like or dislike a certain character and why. Have fun!