A New Wave of Hair

The start of a new decade brings a new wave of hair acceptance. Women are no longer piling on extensions, but instead, are going for modern, sleek and easily manageable styles that embrace the hair's natural texture.


Madeleine Nicks

One of the largest current hair trends is curls. We are starting to see less and less beachy waves or stylized ringlets and more voluminous, wild curls. One of the champions of this movement is Tracee Ellis Ross. She recently debuted a hair-care line, Pattern, devoted to ensuring healthy, full curls that women can feel beautiful with.

Natural curls have also recently increased in representation on media. Sophomore Phoebe Ray comments on her own curls saying “I have always loved embracing my curls and have fun playing with different styles. ”

Anna Wintour, Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Magazine, was the originator of the power bob. Since then, the bob has also been the go-to cut for the no-nonsense women of the world.

But recently, the bob has become one of the most popular celebrity looks, accommodating all face and hair types. It has shed its businesswoman character and taken on an efficient, fashionable and easygoing style. Senior Xia Xia Taylor explains her love of her bob. “Having short hair was the best decision ever! It’s so easy to take care of and style.”

Perhaps the most daring of all the current hair trends is the pixie cut. It was made famous by the elegant powerhouses of the 50s, and now a new wave of celebrities have adopted this chic, boyish style. Charlize Theron and Zoe Kravitz both debuted their pixies during award season, enhancing the refined and luxurious side to a pixie cut.
Senior Beau Glazier recently made the popular switch, saying “My long hair was really annoying and I couldn’t stand it anymore. I wanted something new and fresh that wouldn’t make me bored.