How to Achieve the Perfect Instagram Layout

An explanation for the perfect Instagram.

How to Achieve the Perfect Instagram Layout

Julia Guglielmo, Writer

While I am no master at Instagram or an influencer, over the years, I have learned a few tips and tricks to achieve the perfect Instagram layout. Below are some questions that will help you think about your Instagram’s layout style. 

  1. What’s your vibe?

Are your photos all B&W, super colorful, or edgy? It’s good to settle on a theme for your posts so that your feed does not look incoherent. The best way to establish this is through filters. Through apps like VSCO, a user can choose a specific filter to use on each of their photos. There are different settings for how exposed or contrasted you want your image to be. Settling on a set filter pattern and photo editing plan will make your photos appear individualized yet cohesive on your timeline. 

  1. What do you want to say through your Instagram? 

A user needs to decide on what kind of message they are putting across when using Instagram. Are you creating a social or business platform? Once your purpose is established, a user can base their posts on their goal. A business-related Instagram may have more sophisticated photos that encourage the viewer to engage in their profile. Whereas, a strictly social Instagram may feature pictures of friends, families, and fun events. Whatever your purpose may be, it is essential to match your goal with your theme. 

  1. What does a cohesive Instagram say about you?

If a user has a cohesive Instagram, it is assumed that they are organized and put effort into their photos and editing. Cleanliness and cohesion are especially crucial for business-related. A pleasing aesthetic will draw users in to be in support of your purpose.