Baby Yoda, Yoda Himself, and What We Know About the Green, Three-Fingered Species

Baby Yoda, Yoda Himself, and What We Know About the Green, Three-Fingered Species

Patrick Otte, Writer

When “The Mandalorian” aired on Disney Plus, the fan-favorite was baby Yoda. This makes Star Wars fans think of our other friend who was the grandmaster of the Jedi Council: Yoda himself. As a Star Wars nerd, I have amassed fans’ greatest speculations and knowledge of what we know so far about Yoda’s race. As of now, we don’t know much about Yoda’s race. Could that change in the near future? 

In all the Star Wars movies including “The Mandalorian”, every character from Yoda’s species has been force sensitive. Yaddle, a character in the Phantom menace who sits on the Jedi Council, Yoda himself, and Baby Yoda. The main question arises: are all people from Yoda’s race force sensitive?

Possibly. However, we don’t have enough information to back the information up. Yoda’s background is even more complex. 

During the Prequels, Yoda, and his race are just referenced as “Yoda’s species”. The actual name of his species is never specified. Yoda’s homeworld is home to more of his race, and he keeps his planet a secret. Even in the Jedi Temple, records of Yoda’s planet are nowhere to be found. Yoda’s species is an extremely peaceful one, Yoda wanting to keep his planet safe from the bloody wars, and politics the majority of the galaxy is mixed up in. 

Fans also know that Yoda’s species ages differently than humans. In “The Mandalorian” it is said that baby Yoda is approximately 50 years old, and acts like a human toddler. Yoda dies in Return of the Jedi around the age of 900 years old, acting like a century-old human. This must have to do with “Yoda’s species” strong connection to the force, using the force to enhance their overall health. 

Why does the Empire want baby Yoda? Ever since Order 66 we know the Empire has been hunting down and killing force users. However, “The Mandalorian” is set five years after the fall of the Empire. Baby Yoda was still regarded as a top target even in its harmless nature. In the Mandalorian the true intentions of the Empire in regards to Baby Yoda are unspecified. 

Yoda’s story is draped in mystery, and that’s how Star War’s fans like it. Star Wars loves Easter Eggs and keeping fans speculating with theories. Will we learn more about Yoda’s species in the near future? Possibly. Although many Star Wars fans would agree that keeping this topic untouched would be for the good of Yoda’s species. As I put this article to a close, “let the force be with you.”