Roll Fake Pass

Andreas Jackson

Becoming predictable in soccer is detrimental to a player’s game. It is very important to be unpredictable every time you get the ball. One possible mixup for a player looking to dribble more is the risky fake pass. Instead of simply swinging a leg to make it look as though you are going to kick the ball it is important to station your body. To properly send your opponent open your body to the center of the field, goal, or a teammate to make the defender think that you are opening up your body to pass or shoot. Then, simply do a normal fake shot/pass into a ball roll in the direction of your momentum. This will ensure a free pass or even shot depending on where you are on the field. This move is used all the time by professional players because it is just a movement that works. Kylian Mbappé has used this trick in congested areas and used his speed to be able to get a cross off. Often if there are two defenders on you, or your defender thinks that they have cut off all of your options, they will expect you to pass; this means that when in desperate situations the trick is actually more convincing because the other players will expect a pass.