TikTok: Featuring @KylerLovesJesus

What is it like to be a popular creator on TikTok? Get an inside perspective from one well-known TikToker, KylerLovesJesus.

Dare Fitzpatrick

Tech companies are always creating new and innovative apps.

TikTok, a video-sharing platform, is one of the many latest social media apps that is becoming popular among teens and young adults.

Users create videos of all genres: comedy, dance or acting, to either a sound, song or even to their own voices.

Part of TikTok’s appeal is that the app is designed to keep users entertained by selecting recommended videos based on what the viewer likes to see.

However, there is no algorithm for the life of KylerLovesJesus, a famous TikToker whose profile quickly rose in the ranks and currently has over438 thousand followers.

His profile is an example of a type of user,  often teenage boys, who grow their accounts inexplicably fast as soon as a single video goes viral.

On a recent trip to Los Angeles, we were able to photograph KylerLovesJesus and, shortly after, interview him, to get a better sense of what makes the app so special.

How did you discover TikTok and when?

I was skating and my friend had 50,000 followers. He was a local skater boy, and [I decided] to start TikTok and just beat him, and then I did. And I’ve had it for four months.

Why did you decide to pursue TikTok?

Because it’s super fun. And I got a lot of attention.

Have you thought about moving to a more influencer-based city?

No. Never in my entire life.

Is there a way to make money from the app itself?

I make money, yes. I make it directly from the app [from selling clothing merch].

What are some of your favorite trends on TikTok, and what do you think attracts the most viewers sounds, dances, etc?

None of them. I hate them all. [If I had to pick] my trend– the only things that I do are skate videos. Being beautiful [attracts the most viewers].

Have you thought of expanding your platform to different apps and using your following for a purpose other than TikTok to expand on your hobbies?

Just Instagram. The problem with it is that it’s hard to branch out into YouTube unless you’re big-big like Noen [Eubanks], for these sort of people everything you post goes viral. If you can’t do that then — that’s how my page used to be but then I had that scandal, so now I can’t. If that scandal never happened I’d be at 2, 3 or 4 million followers right now. Yeah, it is a big ‘L.’. I do want to quit TikTok, though. It’s really boring.

So, do you want to make skate videos just not on TikTok?

No, I want to make them, that’s the only place I put them — I just want to be a professional video game player.

Do you have a large following of “fangirls”? If so, what is it like to have these girls as fans? What kind of videos attract “fangirls”?

Yes. I used to have a lot bigger following, but I got into a scandal.