Congrats to The Fourth Estate


The work of  student journalists on the staff of the Fourth Estate was selected for publication in the Winter Issue of the Communication: Journalism Education Today, a publication of the Journalism Education Association (JEA).

When submitting his article “Nuclear Energy: Advantages and Issues,” or consideration, News Editor Ian Brown said, “Environmentalism has become a highly politicized issue within the United States, and one of the clearest examples of this is the debate over our use of nuclear power. Its ability to both create immense qualities of clean energy while running the risk of devasting entire towns creates an incredible amount of friction on its widespread implementation, as people are scared of the potential ramification of a meltdown. My goal in this article was to provide an unbiased analysis of the pros and cons of nuclear energy, as well as to illustrate several different stances on the issue from around our campus. As the world creates more and more alternative energy sources, it will become increasingly important that we decide on one to develop extensively, so that it may eventually become increasingly important that we decide on one to develop extensively, so that it may eventually become a reasonable competitor to fossil fuels globally.”

Layout Editor Amara Murphy’s double-page spread titled, “Our Acidic Oceans: Fish Drowning in Acid” was featured along with her quote. “As a resident of Southern California, I felt that it was important to raise awareness in regard to our oceans. The ocean is essentially our world’s lifeline. We rely on it much more than we may think. Not only does it prop up many of the world’s economies, but it accounts for 30 to 40% of the world protein intake. Not being able to utilize our oceans as we have will cause world devastation, and many don’t know that we may to that reality in the future. Ocean acidification will be the end of our oceans if we don’t start to make conscious changes, and while I cannot dictate laws that regulate carbon, I can use my voice as a student journalists to voice change for a better tomorrow.

Co-Editor-in-Chief Daisy Finefrock’s quote when submitting her article “The Carnivore’s Dilemma,” was published. She said, “As a vegan teen, I have found environmental issues very much connected to the food we consume – specifically the meat and dairy industry. It is up to my generation to stop this as much as we can. Many kids have the intention to make a difference in this world but I think we are all realizing that retweeting and ranting about climate change isn’t going to stop the pollution, deforestation and rising sea levels. We need to reshape our ways of life starting at the food on our plates.”

Contributing Fourth Estate author Audrey Murphy’s article titled “Tree Huggers, Tree Lovers” and quote were published. Audrey wrote “I didn’t grow up watching TV or playing video games – I was playing in the ocean or biking around town. I learned to spend time outside at a young age, for as it is looking now, the natural world as we know it won’t be around for much longer. With my “Tree Huggers, Tree Lovers” article, I set out to counter the connotation of the ‘environmentalist’ with my own perspective as a 17-year-old girl who hopes to clean up the world one day, but doesn’t embody the picture that society paints for an environmentalist-dreadlocks, Birkenstocks and all.”

Also featured in the magazine are the following pages: the front and back covers, which were created by Creative Director Beau Glazier ’20, a double-page spread written by C0-Editor-in Chief Phoebe Stein and illustrated by Beau Glazier called “No Planet B”, an article written by Feature Managing Editor Frances Carlson and Ruth Beckmen ’19 and illustrated by Beau Glazier called “All We Are Saying is Save the Bees” , also featured is Ruth Beckmen’s article “The Drought” and Estelle Murray’s article called “The Truth about Organic.” To view the February Issue click the link below.

Fourth Estate’s February 2019 magazine