Fall Wardrobe Essentials

If you love fashion, you must also love fall. When the weather gets cold, everyone’s dream is to bundle up in as many layers as possible. One’s wardrobe can bring out the best things about the seasons! Here are some fall essentials for anyone who wants to embody the holiday seasons.

Macy Christal, Sports Co-Editor

1. Denim
Fall and denim are like family. Any color, wash, or style goes with the fall season!

2. Cargo Jacket
Wherever you live, it is bound to get quite chilly during the fall season. A cargo jacket is a must-have essential in order to stay warm wherever you want to go! Whether it is a print jacket, or just a plain color, a cargo jacket is great to layer over sweaters or any t-shirt!

3. Boots
Nothing says fall like a cute pair of boots. You can style and customize boots with any outfit during the fall season. They are great to wear out on the town, out on a date, or simply around the family!

4. Sweaters
Did someone say sweater weather? One of the most essential fall items is sweaters. You can find almost any color out shopping that can pair well with denim or leggings. Sweaters are a great way to be cozy and comfortable while also making a fashion statement.

5. Layerable Leggings
Leggings are great for wherever you live! If you live in much colder regions, leggings can be great for extra warmth under a skirt or under sweats. Leggings are also great for people living in places where it doesn’t snow. You can pair them with a nice sweater and boots and be set to go out for the holiday season!