Thanksgiving Crafts to Make for Your Family

Thanksgiving Crafts to Make for Your Family

Macy Christal, Sports Co-Editor

Thanksgiving Apple Turkeys:

If you are a preschool teacher, a homeschool teacher, or just in a fun and creative mood, this craft is perfect to enjoy with kids and make the thanksgiving time more festive!


Turkey Veggie Tray:

You can get really creative with this veggie tray. You can create this easy (10min) craft with your family and friends!

Paper Bag Turkey Puppets:

This craft is especially for the smaller kids! It does not matter if they make them from a sock or from a paper bag. They will be entertained by the ability to make it talk! Kids can even write messages about what they are thankful for on the bag. 

Festive Cupcakes

In the mood for cooking? Instead of basic baking, try to make an addition to any Thanksgiving meal! They are festive and very delicious. Just take a cupcake mix from any local store, and decorate the cupcakes how you would like!