A Review of “Joker”


Jacob Self and Artist Claire Tolles

The only movie that I’ve ever seen in theaters on two separate occasions was 2019’s cinema masterpiece: Joker. Everything that could go right in a real movie went right in this one. The cinematography was beyond reproach, the acting was phenomenal, and the character development was absolutely flawless. The scenes all feel real and natural, down to earth, and human.

No overdone CGI battles, no invulnerable Mary Sues, no poor and cheesy dialogue. The film wasn’t at all like the cheesy cop-out Marvel movies which we’ve all been force-fed for the last couple of years. When Martin Scorsese said famously “Marvel movies aren’t cinema,” he summarized the problem perfectly.
For a while now, Hollywood decided to take a break from making real award-winning and good films in exchange for the profitable and marketable consumer goods called superhero movies.

Joker, on the other hand, is a return to tradition. It has a polished script, good acting, and cinematographers who are able to do their job rather than being beholden to what goes on with the CG animators. In other words, Joker is a film that strives for quality rather than audience-drawing fan service.
Even then, Joker has become more profitable than even Avengers Endgame, and the most highly grossing R-rated movie in history. The people who watched it loved the movie, and even if they didn’t like the premise or the plot, they are all in agreement over the technical quality of the film itself.

Overall, I would highly recommend the movie to anybody who is at all interested. Even if the plot doesn’t fit your style, it’s always refreshing just to take a look at a well-made movie in our time of subpar and money-grubbing movies. I have a policy of giving nothing short of perfection a 10/10, and I haven’t seen such a perfect movie yet, but I would have no shame in giving Joker a solid 9/10 for such an excellent film.