Oldies but Goodies

New TV shows vs. Old shows

Julia Guglielmo, Co-Business Manager

With programs such as Netflix and Hulu dominating our TVs and computer screens, we cannot help but watch new shows. But what about the old shows? I was born in 2001, so my childhood was enhanced by shows like iCarly, Good Luck Charlie, and Victorious. Following the life of Charlie through Teddy’s vlogs or listening to Carly and Sam record their live show are some of my best childhood memories. I grew up with these shows and they taught me about friendships, love, and life.

As I have grown up, I have discovered various new shows such as Euphoria, 13 Reasons Why, etc, but I also have encountered older shows. While I was scrolling through Hulu, trying to find a new show, I came across the O.C., a modern soap opera, that follows the lives of teenagers as they navigate through high school. Relating to some of the struggles they were facing, I became obsessed with the show and wanted to find others like it. I came across Dawson’s Creek, which is similar to the O.C. Watching these shows reminded me of childhood shows that I watched. College Student Javier Abrego comments, “A good show is a good show regardless of when it was released, but old shows like the O.C. can take you back to a different time where there were no cellphones or social media. It’s cool to see what past generations were like.”

While we marvel at the advancement of the motion picture industry, we cannot help but appreciate where it all started. Shows like The O.C., The Office, and Friends will remain timeless, but for future generations, the shows we watch now will be their oldies. It is a cycle that will never end. It will be interesting to see what fills the screens in future generations!