What’s the Perfect Snack for You?

Take our quiz for a quick guide to finding the perfect snack for school days when you’re on the go!

Amara Murphy

1. How active are you?

a) I work out and/or play a sport every day

after school

b) Occasionally I might workout, but not

every day

c) I go home directly to study


2. How often do you find yourself hungry?

a) I am always hungry!

b) Occasionally, especially after a workout

c) Never


3. Fruits & veggies or chips & crackers?

a) Fruits and veggies

b) Chips and crackers

c) Other


4. Sweet or savory?

a) Sweet

b) Savory

c) A mix of both


5. Solid food or alternative? ie. smoothie, power bowl, etc.

a) Solid food, never a smoothie or

power bowl

b) Smoothies or a power bowl are my


c) I enjoy a mix of both



Ready, Set, Snack!

Mostly A’s


Offering protein as well as a healthy dose of fiber, apples and peanut butter (alternatives for those who are allergic include, almond butter, sunflower butter, cashew butter etc.) will leave any athlete satiated before practice or after.

Mostly B’s


Packed with antioxidants and an assortment of possible toppings (nut butters, fruit, bee pollen, etc.) an acai bowl is the perfect light snack for hungry athletes on the go!

Mostly C’s


A light snack for those who are not always hungry and enjoy a mix of sweet and savory flavors, trail mix is perfect for anyone looking to fulfill mild hunger.

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